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Deadly Amazons

Three films of muscular, dominant fighting women. Ninja assassin amazon fights off street attackers; crime fighting detective amazon gets her man; wild jungle amazon can't be tamed; plus special appearance by Dot Jones.

Title: Deadly Amazons
Running time: 65 minutes
Price: $ 20.00

File size: 170 MB

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Deadly Amazons

All I can say is that Builtmore never ceases to amaze me. I just watched an earlier Builtmore work called "Deadly Amazons." This tape was also featured on Entertainment Tonight. It is a spectacular piece of amazon artistry that left me begging for more! The premise behind the tape is quite unique. Three individual "short films" are combined into a continuous non-stop action story-line that features several of the best built women in the world. Leilani Dalumpines stars as a ninja assasin that pretty much can kick any guy's butt! She is built like a tank, with bulging biceps and legs like pillars of stone. Not to mention the fact that she is one of the sexiest Asian amazons you'll ever find.

Leilani first beats up a group of martial arts guys in a parking lot. There is a knife scene that gets pretty intese (you've got to see what one guy does to her!) Don't worry though, because she gets even with every one of those guys, including throwing one ten feet in the air! Youch!!! Then, there is a wonderful gym workout scene, where she shows off her body to the max. The story then has her being challenged by a huge muscle bound guy. Leilani has a lot riding on the outcome of the fight because if she loses, she'll lose her gym! Well, needless to say, the fight is pretty one-sided. She displays incredible athleticism and her muscles bulge as she kicks the living tar out of the guy!

The next story features ex-American Gladiator, "Diamond" aka Erika Andercsh. She is in terrific shape, and I think she is one of the most beautiful women with a tanned and toned body to die for! The story has it that she and her pint-sized father run a detective agency. They each take on a case that end up being related to each other. Erika has a terrific temper tanterum early on and picks up her dad's desk overhead and almost launches it through the air. Throughout the story, she is faced with several challenges and beats up a lot of guys along the way.

One particularly great scene has a guy stealing a women's purse and Erika intercepts him in the parking lot and makes him pay. She also beats up a bunch of guys at the end of the story in her dad's office. Some lifting as she pins guys up against the walls. Overall, a great story.

The final short film was the most intriguing. It featured an amazing amazon that has been raised by animals in the jungle (yup, that's the story!) She is built like a Mac truck, and wears an incredibly savage outfit during the jungle scenes. I don't know where they filmed this tape, but it looked very authentic, including the footage with the lions. Anyways, several guys try to hunt her down with rifles and knives, and after putting them down with amazing scissor holds and headlocks/chokeholds, she gets shot accidentally in a struggle with one of the guys. She displays an incredibilly thick (if not vascular) physique.

Eventually, she is nursed back to health by the guys that hunted her, but one scene shows her lying down, tied to a bed, and one of the guys tries to rape her! Well, she "wakes up" and kicks his butt like nothing you've ever seen! Then she proceeds to find her way around the big city. She goes out and "takes" some fancy clothes from a store, and then walks into a shoe store after they have just closed and actually picks up the salesman from the other side of the counter and forces him to give her some shoes! With her new attire, she proceeds to walk down the street and gets into a couple of fights with some punks who make fun of her extraoridary size. The last scene has her picking up a guy who has been wounded in a fight and she carries him (with high heels on! YOUCH!!!) around for a while. They then kiss each other as the film ends!

The three wonderfully entertaining stories are strung together by a special appearance from huge amazon, Dot Jones. She puts a couple of real life "Beavis and Butthead" characters in their place while recounting the stories of these amazon women. For everybody that has been searching for some male/female fight scenes in movies, forget that! Get this tape, and get a feature length film FULL of male/female action! This tape has it all...wrestling, posing, lifts/carries...YOUCH!!!

Review by Davemeister

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